Swim Line

Used primarily to give inexperienced swimmers an introduction to competition. The League is traditionally divided into two divisions, the Peak Division and the Plains Division.

Again each team hosting a gala against other members of the division, with a celebration gala of all teams being hosted at Macclesfield.

Currently as the league is two teams down, it is run as one Peak Division.

  • The galas are held in the Spring/Summer. It is a competition which has time restrictions, i.e. swimmers cannot take part if they have already swum faster than the allotted time for that event/age group.
  • As swimmers go through the time barrier it gives the opportunity to use other inexperienced swimmers for that event.
  • At present there are six clubs involved in this League - in one division, ideally we would like enough clubs to reform the second division.
  • At the end of the series of galas there is a celebration gala with medals for all winners.